Fire Safety Signs

Our fire safety signs fully comply with HSE guidelines, which require fire safety signs to be installed in places of work and are made from a variety of materials to suit your requirements. Hospitality safety signs.

Fire safety signs are essential to inform people how to respond in an emergency and should be clear and easy to understand. Emergency exits and entrances should be pointed out and fire exit signs need to be photoluminescent, in case visibility in the area is poor, or in the instance of a power interruption.

Fire Safety Notices For Safety

Fire safety signs are required to direct people which route to follow to vacate in the instance of an emergency, and they also display where safety equipment such as extinguishers and alarms are located to alert others in case of an emergency.

Signage For Fire Safety

Signs should be located at a sensible height, where they are most likely to be seen and ‘fire door keep shut signs’ need to be installed throughout the establishment to ensure that fire doors are never propped open. Please contact our helpful team if you require more information, where they will be more than happy to assist you:

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