COSHH Awareness

This COSHH training course is designed to give workers knowledge of the health risks surrounding work with hazardous substances.

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Who is the course aimed at?

We highly recommend the ‘COSHH Awareness’ course from and it is suitable for absolutely anyone! Employees within the hospitality sector and many other industries will find it extremely worthwhile and it also is a great refresher course to ensure you are up to date with current regulations and legislation. The renowned course follows a unique format of interactive learning and has been developed by a team of industry professionals, with a wealth of experience within the hospitality sector.

The ‘COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) Awareness’ course covers all aspects of the risks associated working with hazardous substances and it teaches students how to keep themselves and others safe. The course is completed entirely online and you will experience learning in an innovative and professional way.


The course offers a fantastic introduction into COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) and is particularly beneficial for employees within the hospitality industry. Risks in the workplace are presented daily and it is important that staff are fully aware of the potential dangers associated with hazardous substances. The course gives an important insight into the risks of working with hazardous substances, COSHH regulations and it also provides students with various methods of avoiding exposure. The necessity for carrying out a thorough risk assessment is taught, as well as a detailed analysis of signage that should be visible in the workplace.

Format and Duration

The e-learning course is user friendly and consists of an interactive slide show, combined with quizzes to test your learning. There will be a very short quiz at the end of each module, which acts as a refresher to what you have just learnt, followed by a final end of course quiz. In order to successfully pass the course, you will be required to correctly answer a minimum of 21/30 questions correctly.

A major advantage of studying this particular ‘COSHH Awareness’ course is that you have the option to study as and when is convenient to you and there is no set time limit to complete it. On average, we recommend it will take around 2 hours to complete, but you have the freedom to take breaks and study entirely at your own pace.


The course has been broken into 7 manageable modules, that you can complete in your own time.

1. The opening module is COSHH Introduction and in this section you will be taught how to identify hazardous substances and also learn about the risks to health. Students will be introduced to the regulations and the importance of COSHH and the duties of your employer will be outlined.

2. COSHH Process is module 2 and here the 7 important steps of the COSHH process will be explained in depth. Employers are legally obliged to eliminate exposure to hazardous substances and in this section, you will be shown methods how to reduce exposure yourself. Effective control measures will be looked at and suggestions on how to monitor exposure and health will be suggested.

3. Module 3 takes a close look at Warning Symbols regarding hazardous substances and how to identify warning labels on chemical packaging will be shown. Warning signs are split into four categories: prohibition, warning, mandatory and emergency – their differences and colour coding will be explained, as well as touching upon firefighting signage.

4. COSHH Legislation is module 4 where you will learn about employer legal obligations and approved codes of practice. Differentiating between the important pieces of legislation regarding COSHH such as the ‘Ionising Radiation Regulations’, ‘Control of Asbestos Regulations’, Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations’ and the ‘Control of Lead at Work Regulations’ will be clarified, ensuring that all employees are fully aware and compliant of these.

5. Hazards and Risks is the focus of module 5, where the impact of hazardous substances on health will be looked at closer. Hazardous substances can have a devastating impact on conditions such as dermatitis, asthma and other conditions. An introduction to RIDDOR will be offered, as well as explaining safety data sheets and emergency procedures.

6. Module 6 discusses the importance of Risk Assessments and teaches students how to carry out a thorough one. You will be made aware of the 5 required steps – identifying hazards, evaluating the participants, examining the risk, accurately recording data and conducting a full review.

7. The final module is Monitoring and Surveillance, which will offer a useful overview into observing health surveillance and keeping accurate reports and records.


The Institute of Hospitality has fully accredited and endorsed this course, offering you the reassurance you are learning from a trusted and respected source.