Fire Safety Awareness

The course covers all the essential aspects of fire safety and will give you the required certification to acts as a responsible person.

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Fire Safety Regulations from The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 state that by law all employers are legally responsible for providing employees with adequate information, instructions and training regarding preventing fire in the workplace. Devised by a dedicated team of industry experts, the Fire Safety Awareness course from offers a thorough insight into fire safety and is a convenient way to equip employees with the required knowledge to raise their awareness. The course is completed entirely online, using interactive teaching methods.

Fire safety is explained in depth, starting with the potential causes of a fire and how it may intensify quickly. The legal obligations of a fire marshal within the workplace are also outlined, as well as taking a look at how fire can be prevented and the protocols to take in the instance of a fire to ensure everyone is evacuated successfully.

Statistics sadly suggest that fire is the most significant life or death scenario employees face in the workplace, with an average of 50 people losing their lives annually and 2000 encountering serious injuries. Preventing fire and equipping staff with the knowledge how to cope in the instance of this scenario is vital.

Who is the course for?

The Training Terminal’s ‘Fire Safety Awareness’ Course is aimed at every employee that may need to be educated further on the basics of fire safety. The course is particularly aimed at individuals who work within the hospitality sector that have the responsibility of fire safety, this could be an elected fire marshal, manager or owner of the premises. The course is a great way of refreshing the basics and ensuring that all employees take the necessary precautions to prevent fire and know how to behave.

Group training is something that is also offered at, so this could be something worth considering if you are responsible for training a team. The facility provides a useful system that allows employers to manage who has successfully completed the course, so it is easy and hassle free.

Format and Duration

The course is divided into convenient short modules and follows the format of an interactive slide presentation, participation in a short quiz is required at the end of each section to put your knowledge to the test. The short quizzes essentially prepare you for the end of module test at the very end, where you will be required to answer a certain number of questions correctly to successfully pass the course. There is no pressure and you are able to re-take the test as many times as required, until you do pass.

You are allowed to work entirely at your own pace and can pause the course and take breaks. On average however, students usually complete the course in around 2 hours.

Course Content

Four manageable modules are the basis of the course and you will gain a comprehensive overview of fire safety from the team of industry experts that have designed the course.

1. Fire Introduction is the opening module where you will be taught the basics of fire safety and who should be responsible for it in the workplace and the regulations that are required. How to prevent fire is discussed in depth and understanding the impact of fire is explained. The five classifications of fire are also highlighted, as well as ensuring you understand exactly how fast a fire in the workplace can accelerate.

2. The second module looks at the importance of carrying out Risk Assessments and the five pro-active steps that should be taken to ensure it is completed correctly. By law, all properties that are non-domestic have to carry out a full risk assessment.

3. General Fire Safety and methods of initially preventing a fire in the workplace are explained in the following module. Aspects such as maintaining appliances correctly, electrical safety and safety in the kitchen and vigilant house keeping are all contributing factors to preventing fire – these are explored further to ensure you are knowledgeable. Most importantly, how to recognise and extinguish a fire are taught.

4. Fire Prevention is clarified further in the concluding module, where you will be shown how to identify each different type of fire extinguisher and how they are all used for separate occurrences. How to evacuate quickly and safely is the final part of the course.

Expertise and Endorsement

The course has been designed and created by a well-respected team of hospitality industry professionals, who have an extensive catalogue of experience in their field. The mentors are dedicated to the learning of students and are keen to reassure and inspire.

The ‘Fire Safety Awareness’ course has been accredited by the Institute of Hospitality.